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Bahrain is a popular travel destination located in the Persian Gulf. This tiny island state borders Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Of Bahrain. Its a collection of thirty-three islands situated in the Arabian Gulf. It is ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family. Bahrain is best known for its two main exports, oil and pearls. This is a location that is not only fond of visitors but welcomes them with open arms. English is spoken everywhere here and this is a tourist spot that sports some of the finest hotels, restaurants and shopping venues in the world. A fact that can be attested to by the eight million tourist a year who visit this area. Bahrain is where the West and the East meet. Not only are there many modern activities to keep visitors occupied but there is over five thousand years of history that can be explored in the many monuments, museums and archeological sites located here.

A popular destination to any visitor of Bahrain is the Bahrain Fort. Its one of the largest and oldest forts in the region. Its located on what was the site of the capital of the ancient civilization of Silmun. Around its perimeter excavations of several ancient cities have been discovered. Another fascinating location to visit is Diraz Temple. The site is a collection of rectangular buildings that were excavated between 1971 and 1975. This site is believed to be over five thousand years old.

No trip to Bahrain would be complete without a visit to the Museum of Pearl Diving. The building was originally built in 1937 to house the four supreme courts of Bahrain. In 1984 the building was converted into a museum. Here visitors can see examples of pearl diving gear, as well as see archived pictures and examples of local musical instruments. For those looking to bring home a piece of Bahrain then a trip to Manama Souk is a must. This is a collection of shops where visitors can buy everything from pearls to Persian rugs. There are also shops where fresh produce, spices and other food items can be purchased.

Visitors should also check out the Jebel Al Dukhan, or ‘Mountain Of Smokeā€. Its name is derived from the thick haze that surrounds the peak, especially on days which have a high humidity level. This mountain is the highest natural point in all of Bahrain, standing at just a little over four hundred and thirty eight feet. Around the mountain are various unmapped caves which visitors can explore. About two kilometers from the Jebel Al Dukhan is the Tree Of Life. This century old tree is probably a Mesquite and is considered a natural wonder by the locales because the tree stands in the desert in a location that is completely devoid of any water source.

Many visitors are often surprised that Bahrain has an extensive eighteen hole golf course. It features lush green grass, five different lakes and is littered with hundreds of palm trees. The fairways and greens cover an area of over sixty-eight hundred yards. Located on site is the Riffa Golf Club. Another thing that visitors should be aware of is the extensive collection of beaches that this area offers. They are truly some of the most beautiful in the area but because of religious standards, prudence is recommended in choosing the appropriate beach going attire.

Bahrain also has a couple of events which visitors may find interesting. The first is the Jewellery Arabia, which is held every November at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre which features the sale of some of the finest made watches in the world. Another event that’s celebrated every December is Bahrain National Day. It has been celebrated since 1971, the year when Bahrain gained its independence from British imperialism. It is often celebrated with numerous parades and other special events. Bahrain is also a location that has some of the most spectacular five star hotels in the entire Middle Eastern region. Some of the most prominent hotels include the Intercontinental Bahrain, the Ritz Carlton —Bahrain Hotel And Spa and the Banyan Tree Desert Spa and Resort Al Areen Bahrain.