Any image that you take or import from Mac or the PC gets saved to your telephone library. You may turn out to be embarrassing and everyone can see them. There are a few programs that hide pictures. Password protecting them, hiding them or even locking them can hide Photographs. The majority of these programs create a particular folder, so which you can transfer your images. Following is a rundown of a few of the programs that are highest to guard pictures.

Personal Photo Vault

gamingPersonal Photo Vault is one of the software that is finest to guard your photos and videos. Panda Helper allows the album company by letting you transfer videos and images to your album that is protected from the photograph app of the iPhone. All you have to do is select photos password-protect and that you need to conceal them onto your album. My favorite is your choice that is a password that is a decoy. It helps users one for your image album that is private and a password to your one. After that, you can enter the major’s password if a person orders you to show what is behind the record and finds this program.


iPhoneSpyCalc’s characteristic appears to be motivated by a James Bond movie. This gadget allows you to hide pictures on your iPhone, supporting a calculator. However, the app works like a calculator, doubles as a secure, in which you can type to pictures in a few mixes.

The free version is ad-supported but includes all the paid version features, so if you don’t feel advertisements are a hassle, there is no need to purchase the program. With this program, you save them and can take pictures. Additionally, it enables you to create categories for your photographs.


KeepSafe, another program comes with an easy-to-use snare lock system that allows you to type in a pin to conceal photos. It’s a beautiful small personal camera feature that allows you to shoot pictures and hide them straight into the program without the demand for these images to devote some time unprotected. Along with images, KeepSafe also enables you to conceal videos too. All you have to do is pick the things that you need to pin-protect, open the program, and import them. Ensure that you delete the image in the photograph app of your iPhone after introducing it.


KYMS is just another enjoyable app that allows you to hide your pictures. The program contains a useful attribute and hides videos and photos. Another fantastic part is that the password retrieval feature, which allows you to recover forgotten passwords utilizing a PUK code that is particular.