Do you have your own artist website? If so, then these articles are for you!

You see, we believe every artist with a portfolio site should know at least the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By making a few SEO tweaks to your portfolio website, you can make it easier to find online and reach more people with your art!

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We all know that if someone searches for a word or phrase in Google which closely matches the information on your website, then your website will be one of those that Google displays in their results. Keyword targeting is simply the act of researching and then placing specific words or phrases into your website that you’d LIKE to rank well in Google for.
Today I won't be explaining a normal search engine optimization technique for artists, or for that matter, an SEO tip at all. Instead, this article is about the proper mindset an SEO-savvy artist should have if they truly want to see more people finding their art online.
If you really want to get someone's attention online, a simple link might do the job faster than sending an email or using a contact form. Why? Because it's human nature to be curious - for instance, every time I notice a new inbound link to EmptyEasel, I just have to go see what's up on the other end.
Unlike some of my past SEO tips, today I’m going to share a free online tool that you can use to find out where Google is ranking your art website for various keywords and search terms. It’s called SEOdigger, and it's a fantastic SEO tool for optimizing your website or art blog.