How to Paint Simple Mixed-media Birds

By Kellie Day in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials

Hi, I’m Kellie Day, a mixed-media painter, art mentor, and art educator for Golden Paints.

It’s important to have quick, easy projects to get you painting and creating in your studio. This project is a great way to create something lovely for your home, or a little art gift for a friend.

In this video I’ll show you how to jump right in and make some simple mixed media birds.

Once you’ve created your birds, you can develop the rest of the canvas with collage and paint. You can also use paint markers, like I did here, to add more details onto your birds.

Mixed-media birds by Kellie Day

OR, if you don’t feel like developing a whole canvas, you can do these birds on watercolor paper and they make GREAT greeting cards!

Have fun, and if you’d like to delve deeper, you can watch my latest masterclass—I share 5 steps art lovers are using to go from dabbling, to consistently and confidently producing professional quality paintings that can sell. (Even if art has only been a hobby up until now.)

Special thanks to Kellie for sharing her process. Make sure to visit to learn more about creating your own mixed-media artwork.


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