Reasons Why You Should Replace Google Play With an Alternative App Store 2021-02-17 2023-01-09 Hollis Nicholes

Most Android devices come with Google Play, also known as the Play Store. It is a one-stop store for apps, songs, games, and movies. But should you bypass the Google Play Store to install Android apps? Unlike iOS, it’s relatively easy to switch from the Play Store to another app store like the ACMarket. But will you? You can find reasons to reply with an emphatic “yes.”

No Company Should Have All That Ability

App stores make finding and downloading software a breeze since they host everything you want. So seeing it is much more pleasant than searching for desktop installers on the Internet. But there’s also a downside. This approach gives the company that runs the app store a lot of power within the software we use. Google decides which apps go into the store. It also can make apps. The software you care about can disappear in the blink of an eye against your objections (or perhaps the developer’s). But Google also uses the Play Store to convince Android mobile device makers to do what it asks them to do.

Google Play Is Not Very Private

google You probably go through your library and visit a lengthy collection of all the programs you’ve installed on every Android device you’ve ever owned. Apps will appear in this list even if you have had them on hand to purchase for only a few seconds. You have to manually get rid of the ones you don’t need to link to your account. Part of this is a requirement for the way mobile app stores do the job. To automatically download your apps every time you switch to another device or to track your purchases, Google needs to associate that information with an account.


Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of these attributes, there is no designated way to acquire the Play Store when this particular operation is disabled. To use Google Play, you have to allow Google to track your activity.

Not All Programs Are in the Google Play Store

smartphoneThe Play Store might be the primary place to find Android apps, but that doesn’t mean it’s everything. Honestly, some fantastic apps are not in the Google store. Some apps aren’t there because they only work on custom ROMs or frozen devices. Some app stores, for example, are not welcome in the Play Store. In other cases, it’s a regional issue. An app may be on Google Play but not accessible locally or on your device. So, by definition, you have to look somewhere other than the Play Store. Occasionally, an alternative app store will have everything you’re looking for. Other times, you’ll have to download the APK and then prepare it manually.