Adam Hall: Personal Landscapes in Oil

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For nearly two decades, Nashville-based artist Adam Hall has honed his unique style of landscape paintings. Take a look at his website and you’ll find a stunning collection of deep, misty forests; thunderous waterfalls; swelling ocean waves. . . and recently, a mysterious raincoat-clad figure staring deep into the wilderness.

A figure in a red raincoat stares into a misty forest

Adam explains, “These new paintings reflect on how my life and others who are close to me, have emerged out of so many different seasons lately. Seasons of surrender, hardship, rest, growth, and all of the above. It encompasses all those moments when you come out on the other side of a specific season in life with a renewed perspective.”

It’s a powerful metaphor, and it makes these paintings even more appealing.

Artistically, of course, they’re already incredible. Not just for Adam’s exceptional palette knife skills, or his ability to create realistic atmospheric depth in every scene. . . I also believe his anonymous figures help to bridge the gap between us (the viewers) and those vast, untamed vistas of forest and water.

A forest of evergreens receding into the mist

Take note of the painting above, entitled Unplugged. There are quite a few differences between this painting and the first, of course (the perspective is above the trees, for one) but what’s the biggest change?

There’s not another human in sight.

The simple act of seeing another person surrounded by an overwhelming environment—literal or metaphorical—creates a powerful empathetic bond between us and them. It connects us. And it connects us to what they’re experiencing, as well.

A figure in a blue raincoat stares at a waterfall

I encourage you to explore more of Adam’s paintings, online or, if possible, in person. Currently you can find them at Robert Lange Studios, in his solo exhibition titled Out of Hibernation as well as online at


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