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Regina Dmytryshyna is a fine art photographer who specializes in creating fantastical scenes using photography and photo manipulation. Her goal in crafting these surreal photographs is to give a glimpse of the inner feelings of her subjects—whether those emotions are dark and sad, or full of hope.

In Broken Doll, below, Regina shows a woman wearing a white gown slumped on a stool in a dark abandoned room. Glinting from between her shoulder blades, we see a silver wind-up knob. A lone mirror and open window are the only sources of light in this burned-out, desolate scene.

Photo illustration of a woman in a wedding dress and tiara sitting on a stool in a dark room. A wind-up knob is extending from her back.

Regina explains, “This work shows that all of us sometimes feel like broken dolls and don’t see a way to move forward. . .  but the way is just behind us.”

In her next photograph, entitled Levitation, the emotions feel a little more free and blissful. Sunlight streams through tall trees, casting long shadows across a hard-packed trail and illuminating the relaxed, floating figure of a woman in a yellow dress.

Photo illustration of a woman in a yellow dress floating in mid-air in a sunlit forest

Regina’s created a beautiful illusion in this piece – no wires or supports mar the photo, allowing our imaginations to take flight and revel in the magic of the moment.

Lastly, Hope gives us an even deeper look at Regina’s world of fantasy and magic. Another forest, another trail. . . but this one is encased in ice, each branch and tree trunk limned in crystalline shards. The only points of color are the huge, flying red fish—and the woman in red who seems to summon it to her.

Photo illustration of a woman in a red coat and hood standing in a forest with ice-covered trees, while a huge red fish swims through the air around branches and tree trunks in mid-air.

There’s a beautiful movement in this photograph, the way the fish “swims” through the air, weaving gracefully around frozen branches, and how the woman echos that movement in her upturned face and outstretched arms.

To see more of Regina’s magical worlds, I encourage you to take a moment to visit her photography portfolio today.


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