With the advanced technology of drones, many companies and businesses have tried to find a way to maximize their use. As Gear Fuse said, a drone has changed everything in the business industry. It is used for almost every imaginable purpose, from real estate, agriculture to sports photography. People even discover to use drones for their pastimes or joining a drone competition. For those many reasons, the worldwide demand for drones has increased since people are trying to acquire one. In this case, buying a drone is no walk in the park. There are several things to remember before you go to the market. Some checklists are needed to help you examine and find the right one based on your needs.

Intended Usage

The first checklist in buying a drone will be to understand what this device supposed to use for. If you are trying to utilize this device for fun or entertainment functions, a small and inexpensive one will suffice. Meanwhile, the advanced and professional features will need a more sophisticated model to capture an expert photograph and video angles from different perspectives. In other cases, you need a drone that can lift and carry heavy loads in the cargo industry or a drone that can operate unfavorable conditions for inspection usage. The drone also can be used for wildlife photography to help you capture animals in their natural life without facing a life-threatening situation directly.



Machinery would be the second thing to consider when you buy a drone. With its different types, they all have their mechanisms. You should know that not all drones have machines that are accessible for particular purposes that you wish. It is almost the same as the first checklists because you have to check whether the engine is appropriate to your intended usage. This way, you can maximize its use in the future.


Buy a drone with the one that fantastic design and look also matter. Although all UAVs have the same idea where they fly without a human pilot, they differ in design. For example, the quadcopter has four engines that drive it, and they also look like a helicopter, while standard drones fly and look like normal aircraft. Unless you are in a military purpose that needs a stealth drone, it might be ideal for you to get a drone with a fairly simple design.

Camera and Gimbal Supports

drone cameraUAVs are mainly used for the use of photos and videos. In this matter, you may need to use your drone with one camera installed on if that is your purpose. However, a normal camera is not enough to perform this task. Ensure that the camera on the drone has a high-quality resolution to capture pictures before buying one. Also, check whether it has gimbal support to keep the camera protected while recording videos and photos.

Battery level

The battery is also an extremely important thing for drones. Normally a quadcopter or UAV is kept on a runway for about 5-15 minutes, but it can stay in the air for an hour with bigger battery life. It is recommended to get one with a great battery level if you want to use it for photography or inspection functions. Also, check that the drone battery is rechargeable and can be powered fastly.


The range of almost all drones is more than 50 meters away, fitting to long-range aerial shots. However, more advanced drones might have a much higher range. It is best to select one that can provide a range close to 100 meters or more if you need the drone for wildlife photography.

Spare Parts

Always ask your dealer to supply spare parts for your drone. Almost all drones on the market break down when used and are fragile. So, ensure to buy one with easy access to spare parts.


The cost of drones depends on their type. If you want to get the basic model, it does not cost much money. It can be a significant investment if you can get the best version to maximize your business. Check out some websites with discounts or sale for a lower price of drones.